For a little bit more

Ngedengerin lagu “Guren” nya The Gazette (my fav J-Rock band) jadi inget dulu dapat ilham bikin poem ini..

Sorry…. for a little bit more may I stay like this..
Behind the shadow to say hello…
Greeting you when morning come…
And praying you when dawn come..

‘Coz it give me strength when I think about you
Give me hope when I talkin to you
Give me courage to face the world
‘Coz there’s you….The one that I care…

I don’t ask for anything more
I just hope you give me a chance
To know you more….
So I can do a lot of things for you..






Semoga kali ini juga bisa mendapatkan ilham lagi, karena lagi pusing dengan tugas Inovasi, PTK, 3 Peer Teaching IPS+RPP, Tugas bu Imma, Tugas Sosiologi, aduh belum nentuin film PTK lg… Ya Tuhan berikan hikmat marifatmu…


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